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Category News Content Date
[Notice] Info [2018-05-22]
[Notice] Server maintenance [2018-03-18]
[Event] Event Pet Identifier [2018-03-12]
[Update] Boss at Colosium Chanel-2 [2018-03-09]
[Update] Golden Chest March 2018 [2018-03-09]
[Notice] Pengumuman Event Diary Seal Diamond [2018-02-28]
[Event] More Online More Happy [2018-02-21]
[Event] Double Coin Regeneration Special Imlek [2018-02-16]
[Update] Drop Manual SRS and Manual NS [2018-02-16]
[Event] Diary SealDiamond Online [2018-02-12]
[Event] Valentine Event and Lunar Event [2018-02-11]
[Event] Costume and Face Exchange [2018-02-07]
[Event] 2vs2 PVP Event [2018-02-07]
[Update] Golden Chest February 2018 [2018-02-05]
[Notice] About Red NickName in PVP Ch-2 [2018-02-05]
[Update] Crystal, Ruby, Diamond and Pink Diamond at NPC [2018-01-27]
[Update] Change Log Update 16 january 2018 [2018-01-16]
[Update] Alcanez Instance [2018-01-13]
[Event] Double Coin Regeneration weekend [2018-01-11]
[Event] Fishing Event [2018-01-09]
[Update] Golden Chest [2018-01-08]
[Event] Couple Event [2018-01-06]
[Notice] Informasi pemenang Tag and Share [2018-01-02]
[Event] Event in game To Night at 10 PM [2017-12-27]
[Event] Fast Leveling 251 [2017-12-24]
[Update] Open Betta Test [2017-12-24]
[Notice] [MAINTENANCE] Persiapan Open Betta [2017-12-20]
[Notice] New Telegram Groups [2017-12-16]
[Event] Close Beta Test, raih dan bawa Item-nya ke OBT [2017-12-15]
[Event] Seal Online Diamond Come Back [2017-12-10]
[Update] Fix Skill Claric Bless [2017-12-10]
[Update] SealDiamond Online Installer [2017-12-05]
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